All High Oxygen Masks Are Not Created Equal.

There is only one HiOx Mask.  

2003 marked the market release of the HiOx, High Oxygen concentration mask.  The mask also known as the HiOx 80 mask was designed to deliver greater than 0.80 FiO2 at 8lpm flow rate.  The patented uni-directional valves and an airtight mask are the secret to the HiOx being able to deliver high levels of oxygen at lower levels of oxygen flow.  Many healthcare professionals are under the erroneous impression that the standard non-rebreather mask can deliver 100% oxygen to their patients, but this could be farther from reality.  Even at greater than 10 lpm flow, the non-rebreather is still diluting the inspiratory gas to around 60% at the alveolar level.   The series of one way valves in the HiOx Mask allow for far less dilution of the inspired oxygen allowing higher FiO2 to be delivered at lower flow rates.  This makes the HiOx mask perfect for not only patients requiring high FiO2, but also for transport and homecare as an oxygen conserving device.  

The HiOx also has the capability of filtering the patients exhaled gas through the addition of a HEPA filter.  This helps to isolate patients with suspected or confirmed Febrile Respiratory Infection (FRI) in Emergency Departments, on transport (internal or external) and in the Intensive Care Unit.  

With the addition of the treatment adapter, nebulized drugs can finally be given to patients requiring high FiO2.  Nebulizers are limited to 6 lpm flow rate and could be inadequate for patients with oxygenation failure.  The nebulized treatment would be delivered in addition to the HiOx flows.  Again the exhaled gas can be filtered with the addition of a HEPA filter in cases where the nebulized drugs could be toxic to others in the close proximity to the patient receiving the treatment.  

The HiOx was redesigned in 2010 and re-intorduced into the Canadian and American market.  The redesign was focused on making the valving system smaller, lighter and less expensive to produce, without changing the functionality and efficacy.  

Other unique uses for the HiOx have also been investigated such as Heliox delivery for upper airway obstruction and asthma and CO2/Air mixtures for opthalmic treatments and respiratory drive tests. 

A study comparing the HiOx with other brands of high oxygen masks is available upon request.  Simply contact email for a copy.  

The HiOx Mask is manufactured by Ceretec, Garden Grove CA and distributed in Canada by Novus Medical Inc.  Oakville Ontario.