New Distribution Announcement for the LiteAire Spacer

Novus Medical Inc. has signed a new distribution agreement with Thayer Medical to provide the LiteAire® spacer. This announcement coincided with the 2019 CSRT conference where Novus Medical and Thayer Medical jointly displayed the Thayer Medical products in the Novus Medical exhibit booth.

The LiteAire® spacer is a collapsible MDI holding chamber that features a dual valve system, stores flat, pup up to use, portable, single patient use and is compatible with the commonly prescribed MDI’s.

Thayer also produces the Thayer Valved Tee Adapters and MDI adapters, making it simple to provide nebulized treatments or MDI dosages directly into the ventilator circuit.

Thayer is also know for the Quake Airway Clearance Device. The Quake is an innovative and unique device that provides mucus clearance therapy in a portable easy to use, handheld device.

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