Spirometry Certification

The Canadian Association of Cardio-Pulmonary Technologist (CACPT) is a not-for-profit organization which provides an examination platform, the National Registry Examination, for technologists who are working in the fields of Pulmonary and Cardiovascular technology.  The National Registry Examination tests the candidate on all aspects of Pulmonary Function Testing and Cardiovascular Technology.  While the CACPT is an unregulated body, candidates who successfully challenge the National Registry Examination are recognized nationally as having the skill, knowledge and ability to provide health care workers with accurate and comprehensive information on lung function and cardiovascular anatomy, health and function.

In addition to the National Registry Examination the CACPT, in collaboration with the Canadian Board of Respiratory Care (CBRC), will now provide Spirometry Certification.

Why Certification?

·    Spirometry is the most reliable way to help diagnose lung disease and assess disease progression and response to treatments.

·    Poorly performed spirometry greatly increases the risk of misinterpretation of results, mis-diagnosis and incorrect treatment

 ·    Spirometry Certification provides an objective assessment of knowledge and competency for individuals who have completed a spirometry training course and maintain competency at 3 year intervals

 Spirometry Certification can lead to:  

·    Greater confidence in results

·    Higher quality of testing

·    Increased number of successful tests

·    Improved understanding of the impact of testing procedures; choice of predicted values; formatting of results 

·    Robust knowledge of Quality Control requirements and procedures

·    Improvements in patient care

 Who can apply:

The Spirometry Certification is intended to improve the quality of Spirometry testing, not only for those preforming Spirometry Testing in a hospital setting, but in any other facility such as doctors’ offices, family health teams  and research labs. 


Exam date: September 30 2019                 Application deadline: June 20 2019

Information and Applications:

For more information or to submit applications visit CACPT.ca

All questions and comments should be directed to spirometry@cacpt.ca