Novus Medical Now Sells Home Ventilators

Novus Medical now represents the Löwenstein Medical prisma VENT series of home care ventilators. The prisma VENT series is a German engineered home care ventilator built with the high quality that Canadians have come to expect from German made products. The prisma VENT is designed to be easy to use and maintain. With a minimal 12 hour battery specification, the device is a favourite for home ventilated clients who want to get out of the home or simply have that confidence that the ventilator will continue to function during power outages. For those patients that like or need to travel, the prisma VENT is certified for air travel. In other words, the prisma VENT home ventilator can be used by clients taking commercial flights. The prisma VENT series can be configured for mouth piece ventilation, incorporates synchronizations tools, leak valve or exhalation valve circuits and user interface that is simply, easy to use.

“This is the latest technology for home ventilation to hit the Canadian market”, said Robert Simms, Business Manager for Novus Medical. “The features, performance, price and minimal maintenance was enough to convince us that partnering with Löwenstein Medical and their prisma VENT series of home care ventilation was the right move for Novus Medical and for Canadian home ventilation patients” .

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Löwenstein Medical GmbH & Co. KG, Germany is specialised in development, production and sales of medical devices and systems. For almost 30 years of company history, Löwenstein Medical have made an important contribution to patient care. In neonatal care, intensive care ventilation and anaesthetics the company develops and manufactures its own innovative products which are used worldwide. With its intensive research and development work, Löwenstein Medical always succeed in producing new products for the market, hence making a significant contribution to medical progress. Building on a first-class workforce, a well-established sales infrastructure and a company strategy which constantly aims to benefit the user, Löwenstein Medical will continue to produce and sell high-quality state of the art medical devices and systems, with the main focus being on patient care. With more than 1500 employees and 150 branches throughout Germany, Löwenstein Medical ensure high quality products.