CSRT 2017 Highlights

Novus Medical Inc. sponsors the CSRT banquet entertainment for a second year

Novus Medical Inc. has sponsored the entertainment for a second year.  After a stepping in at the last minute to provide the entertainment for the banquet in 2016, Novus Medical Sales Manager and resident DJ, Dan Pinard was asked back to provided the musical entertainment for the 2017 banquet.  DJ Danny P kept the Respiratory Therapists letting loose and dancing until 1 am when it was time to close the banquet hall.  

In the exhibit hall, Novus Medical launched their new "Novus Green" Converse Chuck Taylors.   The bright green shoes contrasted by the black trousers was definitely a way to get noticed.  But seriously, the highlights of the Novus Medical booth had to the new Resmon PRO FOT from MGC Diagnostics and the new 17.3 inch Bellavista 1000e from IMT Medical.  The booth staff were busy doing demonstrations of these devices during exhibit hall hours for the duration of the conference.  For more information on the Resmon PRO and how it can add value to your PFT department email us at info@novusmedical.ca.  For more information about the iPad® of ventilators with the most advanced synchronization and forward thinking software, the Bellavista 1000e, please email info@novusmedical.ca.  For more information about the Novus Green Chuck Taylors ....well you should be able to find them at any fine sporting shoe stores in your area.  

Seeya next year in Vancouver.