IMT Medical - the bellavista gateway

Enhancing the clinical use of the advantages

of Internet of things (IoT):


bellavista gateway, the new, innovative cloud service from imtmedical ag, increases the safety

of ventilated patients in ICU, high care, home care

and during transport.

bellavista gateway is our youngest brain child. The cloud-based respiratory care ventilation monitoring system allows medical staff to access the current monitoring and measurement data directly from the ventilator via a cloud solution, irrespective of the location, enabling them to monitor the ventilated patient as closely as required. This gateway allows a response with the necessary immediate medical assistance in an emergency at any time.

A clear improvement of the current situation
Until now, the safety of ventilated patients has been critically dependent on the monitoring cycle of the support staff. Enhancedpatient monitoring and an improvement in patient safety has only been possible with considerably higher costing solutions. In the event of an acute risk to the ventilated patient, the physician responsible for the ventilated patient either has to attend to or delegate ventilation changes.