PITSI Neonatal Transport Harness Now Available for Sale in Canada

Novus Medical is proud to announce the re-launch of the PITSI Neonatal Transport Harness in Canada.  Originally designed and developed in Montreal PQ, the PITSI Harness disappeared from the Canadian market when the developer and manufacturing was re-located.  The PITSI is used to safely secure infants in a transport incubator.  The PITSI's uniques design provides a secure hold while allowing access to the infant for care and invasive lines.  

"This is the only product of it's kind and is a necessary accessory for transport incubators, to keep the infants safe during transport", said Robert Simms, Marketing Manager of Novus Medical Inc.  Please contact Novus Medical Inc. at info@novusmedical.ca for pricing and more information or visit www.novusmedical.ca for a complete listing of products.