Pulmonary Filters for PFT and Spirometers

Pulmonary Filters are used to prevent cross contamination between patients and to protect and increase the life expectancy of your spirometer or PFT equipment.  Contact Novus Medical now for a quotation at http://www.novusmedical.ca/contact-us/

The NeumoFilt filter has been designed to reach an extreme level of filtration efficiency against virus and bacteria, combined with the highest anatomical comfort for the patient.  The filtration material has proved an efficiency level with out precedent, with low resistance against air flow.  BFE and VFE has been certified by the Nelson Laboratories (USA) and Health Protection Agency (UK).  The Pneumofilt features an anatomically shaped oval mouthpiece that improves the patients seal, as well as a teeth ridge.  Dead space is 70mls and airflow resistance is below ATS recommended max (150 Pa/l/s at 12 l/s) at 94.3 Pa/l/s at 14 l/s.  The plastic is fully recyclable.