Bellavista 1000e ICU with 17 inch monitor

Last week at Medica, the worlds largest medical trade show in the world held in Dusseldorf Germany, IMT Medical launched their new model of Bellavista, the Bellavista 1000e with a 17 inch monitor.  The e in 1000e stands for everything included.  The Bellavista 1000e differs from it's previous models, only in size.  "The number one piece of feedback we received about the Bellavista was that it looked too small to be an ICU ventilator, even though it was fully featured and had a 13.3 inch monitor.  Well, if size matters, IMT Medical only needed to repackage the Bellavista with a large 17 inch Gorilla Glass display" said Robert Simms, Business Manager for Novus Medical Inc. in Canada.  "The large colour touch display looks and feels beautiful adding to the ease of use of the Bellavista."  

In addition to the 17 inch display, the Bellavista 1000e comes standard with neonatal, paediatric and adult ventilation, advanced modes of mechanical ventilation, the worlds best non-invasive ventilation package on the market, respiratory diagnostics, high flow oxygen delivery, an internal turbine, and 6 hour back up battery.  Call today to book a demonstration of what's latest and greatest in mechanical ventilation by emailing or calling 1-866-926-9977.