Bellavista NEO Canadian Launch

The Bellavista NEO is the latest neonatal ventilator to arrive on the Canadian market.  With a pleasing purple colour and small size and footprint, designed specifically for neonatal intensive care units, the Bellavista NEO from IMT Medical provides sophisticated mechanical ventilation for premature babies.  The Bellavista NEO has a six hour internal batter allowing it to be used in the resuscitation room and follow the infant on transport to the NICU.   The Bellavista NEO can be set up for variable flow nCPAP, with a single limb circuit with a Medijet CPAP generator and leak compensation, providing the best non-invasive ventilation available today.  Should the infant require endotracheal intubation, the Bellavista can quickly be configured with a dual limb circuit and exhalation valve to provide infant mechanical ventilation with volume targeted ventilation with tidal volumes as low as 2 millilitres.  The leading neonatal ventilator in Canada today has a very good invasive mechanical ventilation capabilities, but falls short in it's non-invasive capabilities, as it requires a dual limb circuit and an exhalation valve, increasing the work of breathing for the infant.  The Bellavista uses a nCPAP generator, incorporating a fluidic switch and to reduce the work of breathing for an already respiratory compromised infants.  The Bellavista has the distinct advantage of excellent invasive ventilation capabilities, along with a single limb nCPAP generator for non-invasive ventilation.  The Bellavista NEO is giving neonatal Respiratory Therapists a choice.  

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