Total Body Cooling for Infants

Novus Medical Inc. is now the Canadian Distributor for the Tecotherm therapeutic hypothermia system for the total body cooling of infants.  The Tecotherm is small enough to be used on transports and incorporates the recommended TOBY protocol at the touch of a button.  "This will be the next product that neonatal transport teams will want to add to their transport decks when picking up neonates with asphyxia", said Robert Simms, Business Manager for Novus Medical.  "Early total body cooling for these infants may provide brain protection for babies with HIE."

Total Body Cooling for babies suffering from Hypoxic Ischaemic Encephalopathy (HIE) after Birth Asphyxia has become more common in recent years especially following the publication of major studies. The original Tecotherm was used in studies in Europe that showed a successful outcome for certain infants. Now building on from that success, the Tecotherm Neo takes Total Body Cooling to the next level.

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