Novus Medical is now the Canadian representative for Tecnimed Thermometers

The Italian made Tecnimed Thermometers are the original no-touch infrared thermometer and are now available in Canada.  These highly accurate and easy to use thermometers take proper technique out of the picture when taking a patient's temperature.  The patented aiming system ensures the correct distance from the forehead to take the temperature.  The Visiofocus model goes one step farther, by projecting the patient's temperature right on to the forehead.  The Tecnimed thermometers are perfect for screening people at ER Triage, doctors offices, and airports.  Temperature measurements don't require touching the subject, consumable probe covers or waiting for the thermometer to stabilize.  Measurements are instantaneous and accurate.  Tecnimed thermometers are professional quality for use by healthcare professionals, but are easy enough to use at home.  Tecnimed thermometers can measure the temperature of inanimate objects such as baby bottles, hot food and bath water, as well for safety.