Novus now sells Sleep PSG and EEG

Novus Medical Inc. is now selling the SleepVirtual PSG and the Neurovirtual EEG systems by the Brazil based NeuroVirtual.  NeuroVirtual opened their US office in 2006 and has been quickly becoming the fastest growing Neuro-diagnostic and sleep company in North America.  The SleepVirtual PSG and NeuroVirtual EEG systems continually impress delegates at conferences and exhibitions, with the ease of use, flexibility and integrated software.  

Neurovirtual specializes in offering complete solutions for diagnostic services in Neurology and Sleep Medicine.  They operate on a global level in the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of equipment and supplies, offering the best return on your capital investment.

"Our high-quality products offer the latest in hardware technology, paired with our proprietary BWAnalysis or available Persyst® software, allowing for greater efficiency so you can better serve your patients." says Ed Faria, President of Neurovirtual USA.  

"We are very excited to be representing NeuroVirtual in Canada", says Murray Beaton, President of Novus Medical Inc.  "There has been a lack of choice of companies selling sleep and EEG systems in the last 8 years, where one company has a monopoly, through the acquisition of all of their competitors.  This lack of choice results in higher prices and low levels of customer service.  NeuroVirtual and Novus Medical Inc. will give Canadian Sleep and EEG users a better choice."