Get your flu shots early

It is being recommended by Health officials, that you should get your flu shot early this year, before the end of October.  I was informed by my doctor this week that the serum is not available yet, but will be within the next couple of weeks.  

One of my pet peeves is hearing Health Professionals say "I got the flu shot last year and I still got a cold, so why bother."  It is not this all encompassing immunity against everything shot and Health Professionals should know better.  

The flu shot does not prevent you from getting the common cold. The common cold is the rhinovirus.  The flu shot is for the influenza virus.  Each year one or two strains of influenza virus are chosen through epidemiological studies and trends as to predict which strains will be the most likely to get us sick in that particular year.  If another strain that was not predicted infects you, you will not have immunity to it, so it is possible to get the flu, even though you have had the shot.   The flu shot is your best chance at keep yourself healthy and productive and keep you from being labelled as the Typhoid Mary of your office.  

So make a plan and get your flu shot, to protect yourself, your friends and family and your co-workers.  Oh, and stay home if you do have the flu and don't forget to wash your hands with regular soap and water often.  Unless you work in healthcare, there is no real need of anti-bacterial soap or hand sanitizers.