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Liteaire® MDI Holding chamber

The LiteAire® collapsible MDI holding chamber is a unique MDI holding chamber and an innovative alternative. LiteAire’s unique dual-valved MDI holding chamber design delivers pop-up convenience and effective drug output at a fraction of the cost of most plastic holding chambers. In many clinical settings, the LiteAire can reduce costs by replacing existing rigid plastic holding chambers or inefficient spacers with a paperboard alternative. The unique design allows the LiteAire to be reused by a patient over multiple doses and meets and often exceeds the performance of plastic holding chambers.


Primeaire® MDI Holding chamber with dual-valved design and incorporated coaching whistle

The PrimeAire® holding chamber is a clear solution for effective respiratory management. Holding chamber devices, like the PrimeAire, are commonly used with metered dose inhalers (MDIs) to deliver medication directly to the airways during inhalation. MDI holding chamber devices help to improve the direction and deposition of the medication being delivered by an MDI by:

  • Extending the mouthpiece of the MDI

  • Retaining the medication in the chamber

  • Maintaining the particles in suspension


Quake® Airway Clearance Device

For individuals suffering from mucus-producing respiratory conditions, the Quake offers comprehensive and convenient secretion clearance therapy in a portable, easy-to-use, handheld device.

The heart of the Quake’s percussion mechanism is two barrels with matching slots with one fitting snugly over the other. When these slots are aligned, the patient’s breath passes freely through device. When the slots are not aligned, back pressure is created as the patient’s continuous breath is prevented from escaping. This design allows the patient, with training, to create the ideal frequency and percussive pressure by manually rotating the outer barrel at the ideal rate while breathing through the device. The faster a patient rotates the handle, the greater the frequency and lower the pressure; the slower the handle rotation, the lower the frequency and greater the pressure.



The MiniSpacer® dual-spray MDI Adapter offers an effective and affordable way to administer MDI medication to ventilated patients. With six configurations to choose from, the MiniSpacer can be placed in various locations within the patient circuit. The MiniSpacer contributes minimal deadspace to the breathing circuit (<20mL) and the inline configuration geometry offers no impedance to condensate drainage. The MiniSpacer performs like a spacer with the cost-effectiveness of an adapter.


Valved Tee™ Adapter

The original Valved Tee™ Adapter simplifies the delivery of aerosolized medications to ventilated patients. Used in conjunction with a small volume nebulizer (SVN), the Valved Tee offers a safe and effective way to introduce the aerosol into the circuit. The Valved Tee is a permanent part of the ventilator circuit. The original spring-loaded valve opens and closes as the nebulizer is inserted and removed.