When you need full-function spirometry and space is at a premium, the CPFS/D USB™ spirometer is a most fitting solution. This small, portable system may look unassuming, but it’s packed with technological advances and features to meet all of your testing and data management needs. All current ATS guidelines for quality and reproducibility are met with the CPFS/D USB. The spirometer is compatible with desktop, laptop and Windows® tablet computers for maximum flexibility. It has incentive graphs for spirometry, which are ideal for pediatric populations. And like all MGC Diagnostics pulmonary function testing products, the CPFS/D USB spirometer  incorporates our BreezeSuite™ cardiopulmonary diagnostic software and the same preVent® flow sensor—so you can always be assured of accurate, reliable data comparisons from test to test.The CPFS/D spirometer is the perfect replacement for the now discontinued KOKO spirometer.

Heated FVL Spirometer

by Morgan Scientific


The FVL is a pneumotachograph spirometer of exceptional caliber. The characteristics of its flow transducer with high descrimination and low resistance make it one of the finest spirometry devices in the world! Heating of the pneumotach make the FVL ideally suited to asthma clinics, clinical trials or situations where continuous high volume testing is undertaken.  Test performed by the Heated FVL Spirometer are:

  • Static Spirometry SVC

  • Dynamic Spirometry FVC

  • Flow volume loops

  • Bronchial Challenge

  • Pre-Post bronchodilator

  • Maximum voluntary ventilation MVV

  • Cough peak flow

  • Six minute walk test 6MW