Pylant Monitor by Kal-Med

Pylant Monitor disposable ETT cuff pressure manometer

Attention IPAC and Respiratory Therapists.  Safe endotracheal tube cuff pressures require measurement and intervention.  The Pylant Monitor is a disposable, single patient use ETT cuff pressure monitor.  ETT cuff monitors are used to indicate the pressure within the ETT cuff to prevent inadvertent over or under inflation of the ETT cuff.  The practitioner or institutional guidelines determine the exact inflation pressure used. Literature on ETT cuff pressures suggest that pressures between 20 cmH2O and 30 cmH2O are preferred.  The Pylant Monitor is MRI compatible.  The single patient use Pylant will also help prevent the transmission of pathogen's such as C-difficile, from patient to patient, as seen with traditional re-useable cuff-inflators.  


Purekeys, Medical Grade and Disinfectable Keyboards for Dentists, hospitals, classrooms and food processing

Purekeys, Medical Grade and Disinfectable Keyboards for Dentists, hospitals, classrooms and food processing

Attention IPAC and IS departments.  Easy to clean and disinfect and types like a normal keyboard.  Our keyboards and mice are designed for use in all medical environments like hospitals, medical clinics, dental clinics, laboratories but also in the food industry, and cleanrooms and manufacturers of medical equipment.  Combining maximum infection control with excellent tactile key response. With cleaning time less than 5 seconds, best practice to clean between patients can be easily achieved.  The completely flat silicone surface can be cleaned with all hospital grade disinfectants. Purekeys Keyboards and Mice are latex free.  Available in wired or wireless versions. The new USB wired version with touch pad is perfect for point of care carts.

Triple A Screen Protector by NuShield

Anti-microbial touch screen protector

Anti-microbial touch screen protector

Attention IPAC.  Ideal for devices with touch screen displays such as ventilators and bedside monitors,  the Triple A film’s antimicrobial properties have been specifically formulated to eliminate contamination created by multiple users in environments where the display normally provides a breeding ground for germs. These can be found in classrooms, hospital rooms, EMTvehicles, doctor’s office, information kiosks in shopping centers, airports or transportation facilities, hotel lobbies and offices and restaurants. 

In laboratory tests using colon bacillus and Staphylococcus aureus bacteria the Triple A film’s antimicrobial coating has shown a reduction rate of 99% of these germs over a 24 hour period. Our inorganic antibacterial coating has an excellent antibacterial spectrum as well as heat and solvent resistance. 

The Triple A film can be cleaned with solvent, Virox™, bleach, rubbing alcohol and other disinfectants to eliminate germs on the screen, but its antimicrobial properties will not diminish. The back surface incorporates a slightly tacky silicone rubber instead of a traditional pressure sensitive adhesive. 

HIOx high oxygen concentration mask

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 1.52.09 PM.png

When treating or transporting patients requiring high-flow or high FiO2 oxygen rates, the Hi-Ox™ mask uses new technology with sequential dilution to deliver greater than 80% oxygen at a mere 8 LPM – even with a transport cylinder. By taking away the usual holes in the mask, adding a second strap to ensure a better seal and changing the delivery with three low resistance valves, higher concentrations of oxygen can be administered at lower flow rates. The sequential dilution design made possible with the low resistance valves enables high FiO2s to be delivered, even when peak flows are high.

  • FiO2 - Able to deliver higher FiO2s than a regular non-rebreather mask and simultaneously deliver aerosols

  • Economical - Provides therapeutic benefit of Heliox while lowering cost; lower flow rates mean less gas usage

  • Therapeutic - Lower flows allow the Hospice patient to return home sooner with the same high concentration delivery as in the hospital

  • Transporting - Reduce the risk of hypoxia during transport by getting the most from standard cylinders – deliver high concentrations at lower liters per minute

X-Halo Breath Thermometer for Asthmatics

X-Halo breath thermometer for managing asthma

X-Halo breath thermometer for managing asthma

Managing Asthma with X-Halo
To help improve the management of asthma and other respiratory diseases, Delmedica presents the X-halo, a device that simply and accurately measures the temperature of a patient’s exhaled breath. Studies have shown that exhaled breath temperature can increase by up to 1.2 degrees before an asthma attack. 

The X-halo offers doctors, patients and family members an easy and non-invasive way to accurately measure changes in exhaled breath temperature. It is one major step in helping to control respiratory illness before acute symptoms occur. 

PITSI Infant transport Harness

A harness for neonatal transport, allows a safe transport in airplanes and ambulances. Reconcile the great importance of clinical observation with on-board security. This light and delicate restrainer promote a caring and comforting approach, Pitsi brings a medical smart solution in terms of risk reduction and a wider range of medical manipulation. It is highly adjustable and suited for every baby’s morphology with quick fastening and releasing. The PITSI allows for full view and access to the baby.  PITSI's development was a collaboration which started in summer 2013 between E.V.A.Q – Aeromedical Evacuation of Quebec, NICU CMES - neonatal intensive care unit and Linea Alba - a young and innovative Research and Development company, who created a unique product for the medical world.  Since march 2014 the product was highly acclaimed by nurses, doctors and evacuation professionals. Received the Innovation Prize, Prix Diamants, which acknowledges improvements in patient care and quality, awarded by CHU de Québec .