Sleepvirtual specializes in offering complete solutions for Sleep Diagnostics.  Since 1969, Sleepvirtual has developed and marketed neurological & sleep equipment to hospitals and clinics worldwide. Base out of Miami, FL, we offer solutions for PSG, and EEG monitoring.
Our mission is to improve our customers’ quality of service and their patients’ quality of life with superior products and responsive customer support 24/7.

By integrating cost effective and intuitive solutions, Sleepvirtual stands day after day as a leader in this field and believes that, above all, the success achieved thus far is due to its close relationship with its customers.
Moreover, Neurovirtual has great activities abroad, with subsidiary offices in Latin America and Europe, plus a worldwide distribution network in over 32 countries


BWIII PSG 34 channel

AASM Complaint Type 1 PSG system. (AASM Staging Criteria) PSG specific headbox with intuitive sleep related sensor connection indicators. Hardware is light-weight and portable. Perfect for mobile or stationary PSG solutions. Non-proprietary connectors/cables. Allow techs to verify the impedance status without having to leave patient’s side.  8 Built-in DC channels directly on the amplifier allow  integration of auxiliary devices (CPAP/Capnography).  Built-in Nonin Pulse Oximeter Module in the Amplifier


BWIII PSG Plus 50 Channel

The BWIII amplifier is equipped with 50 channels and combines full EEG and PSG monitoring into one state of the art system.  Full Routine EEG and PSG functionally, which allow user to perform both clinical EEG and PSG from the same hardware and software platform.  Hardware is light-weight and portable and can be transported from one location to another seamlessly via carrying case or permanently installed in a sleep lab environment.  Dual electrode/sleep sensor inputs on the head box and amplifier provide sleep techs with flexibility and troubleshooting options.  Built-in bedside Impedance check directly from Amplifier allow techs to verify the impedance status without having to leave patient side.  8 Built-in DC channels directly from the amplifier allow integration of auxiliary devices (CPAP/Capnography).  Built-in Pressure Transducer on both head box and amplifier.  Built-in Nonin Pulse Oximeter Module



The BWMini HST is a 12 channel type 3 HST device which can be upgraded to Type II and full PSG type I device. Amplifier Designed for Type 3 HST (12 Channels).  Upgradable to Type 2 HST and In-lab Type 1 PSG.  Also upgradable to Ambulatory EEG.  Hardware is light weight and portable Perfect for HST or in-lab PSG.  LCD screen displays electronic impedance, study, and battery status.  Up to 3 days of recording with the same set of batteries.  Non-proprietary connectors/cables.  BWAnalysis Software suite. Synchronized high-quality video (optional).  2 Built-in DC channels directly on the amplifier allow integration of auxiliary devices (CPAP/Capnography).  Built-in Nonin Pulse Oximeter Module.