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HiOx disposable Oxygen Mask by Ceretec

The HiOx High Oxygen mask.

The HiOx High Oxygen mask.

The HiOx, formerly known as the HiOx 80, is the only high O2 mask that truly delivers O2 in the 90 percent range and we have the paper to prove it.  All others say they do, but can they prove it? Comes in 3 sizes to promote a tight facial seal.  There are 5 main purposes for using the HiOx.  1.  To deliver high FiO2 (.80 at 8lpm) and treat oxygenation failure.  2.  To deliver oxygen and filter the exhaled gas with an optional HEPA filter for patients on droplet precautions.  3.  For transport, to conserve oxygen and/or to filter the patients exhaled gas during the transports.  4.  To deliver high FiO2 and nebulized treatments (such as bronchodilators or toxic antibiotics) with or without the optional HEPA filter.  5.  The HiOx mask can also be used deliver Heliox at a treatment level that your patients will benefit from.  


Blenders by Sechrist

Sechrist Blender Model 3500-CPG

Sechrist Air Oxygen Blender

The Model 3500 CP-G gas mixer is specifically 

Lung Bypass applications. Standard Accessories: 0-10 LPM flowmeter 1000 ml flowmeter.

Sechrist Blender Model 3600 & 3601

Sechrist Air Oxygen Blender

Models 3600 and 3601 are high flow mixers designed for high flow general applications. 3601 utilizes a wall mount configuration and 3600 provides for pole mounting.

Sechrist Blender Model 20090

Sechrist Air Oxygen Blender

The Model 20090 gas mixer is specifically designed for ECMO or Heart-Lung Bypass applications. Standard Accessories:0-10 LPM flowmeter 1000 ml flowmeter 100-1400 ml CO2 flowmeter

Sechrist Blender Model 20457-1 & 20459-1

Sechrist Air Oxygen Blender

Models 20457-1 and 20459-1 are low flow mixers designed for low flow general applications. 20457-1 utilizes a wall mount configuration and 20459-1 provides for pole mounting. Note: Product now ships with Female O2 fitting as per Canadian Requirements

NIV Masks..... STay tuned New product coming soon