Morgan Scientific

Advanced Morgan technology built on years of experience and customer input gives customers in all pulmonary markets a supreme advantage.  Morgan Scientific is a premium brand of Pulmonary Function Testing Systems (PFT), that is based on time honoured and gold standard gas analysis, dry rolling seal spirometer and an abscence of a demand valve at the patient interface.  Patients breath in at atmospheric pressure from a bag, as to not influence the physiologic data.  True to their name, Morgan approaches pulmonary diagnostics like a scientist to provide the purest data possible.  Based out of Boston MA, USA, Morgan Scientific equipment is fully ATS compliant.  “The Morgan Guarantee is to provide absolutely the finest pulmonary function equipment together with industry-leading ComPAS Software from a foundation of impeccable customer support and continuing innovation.”

Morgan Scientific Body Plethysmograph

Morgan Scientific Body Plethysmograph

Body Plethysmograph

A SIMPLY EXCEPTIONAL INSTRUMENT FOR PULMONARY FUNCTION TESTING.  This is the plethysmograph that combines ease of use, quality of design and stunning visual appeal in a truly unique way! The fusion of clinical engineering at its finest with the ultimate in ComPAS PFT software capability, is truly second to none. The result of years of experience provides test capability across all ranges of pulmonary disease.  

CLINICAL EXCELLENCE: Conventions of construction and transducer selection to suit small children and the most severe cases of COPD. From the ease of entry and egress to patient comfort and superb discrimination of data acquisition, this is truly an exceptional PFT system! With fast temperature equilibration and quiet service-free pneumatic valve and shutter operation, testing of subjects with the door closed is kept to a minimum. A clever ComPAS training function prepares patients for the 'odd' experience of breathing in and out against a closed valve thus minimizing test difficulty.

Morgan Scientific Spiroair

Morgan Scientific Spiroair

spiroair - dry rolling seal pft testing

An instrument that has remained true to fundamental standards and methodology in pulmonary function testing. From the low-resistance 12L rolling seal spirometer, to the elegant helium dilution circuit and pressureless single breath diffusion technology, the SpiroAir can justifiably be called the finest PFT system available.

PFT TESTING EXCELLENCE:  The SpiroAir has a rich heritage from the very origins of pioneering pulmonary function design. The SpiroAir combines all of the renowned engineering features of the Morgan Transfer Test into a sleek modern instrument harnessing the finest transducers ensuring clinical excellence.



The Transair3 brings together precision measurement, outstanding reliability and great versatility. Originally designed for testing workers on the North Sea oil platforms, the design is rugged and highly reliable for many years of measurement. Tests of spirometry, flow volume loop, single breath diffusion, cough peak flow, bronchial challenge and respiratory pressures can be assured on all subjects ranging from small children to adults with severe COPD. The TLC by nitrogen recovery is regarded as a screening measure and if lung volumes are a priority we would recommend plethysmographic or helium dilution alternatives.

RELIABILITY FOR PFT TESTING: Clinical excellence and proven reliability at a very affordable price! The TransAir3 has been thought-fully engineered to make the most of strength, serviceability and size. It is designed to provide long service with minimal maintenance cost!