LiteAire® MDI Holding Chamber

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An Innovative Alternative

In most clinical settings, the LiteAire® MDI holding chambers can reduce costs by replacing existing rigid plastic holding chambers or inefficient spacers with a paperboard alternative. This unique paperboard design allows the LiteAire® to be reused by a patient over multiple doses while meeting, and often exceeding, the performance of plastic holding chambers.

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The LiteAire® delivers true value when used in:

Emergency rooms- for patients requiring the use of a holding chamber for immediate treatment; ideal for isolation room conditions.

Inpatient/outpatient Pulmonary Function Testing Labs - clean, disposable, ready to use and designed to accept most pressurized metered dose inhalers (MDIs)

Short-Term Respiratory Infections - A cost effective treatment method that meets the short-term needs of patients with acute respiratory conditions.


Primeaire® MDI holding chamber


with dual valved design and incorporated coaching whistle

The PrimeAire® holding chamber is a clear solution for effective respiratory management. Holding chamber devices, like the PrimeAire, are commonly used with metered dose inhalers (MDIs) to deliver medication directly to the airways during inhalation. MDI holding chamber devices help to improve the direction and deposition of the medication being delivered by an MDI by:

  • Extending the mouthpiece of the MDI

  • Retaining the medication in the chamber

  • Maintaining the particles in suspension