Forced oscillation technique

Resmon PRO

by Restech

An alternative to the hard to use, and complicated to interpret, IOS technology, The Resmon PRO is a professional device based on FOT, offering a complete, in-depth functional assessment for patients with respiratory diseases, that is easy to use and interpret. Patients need only to tidal volume breath to attain measurement, ideal for children, disabled patients, elderly, and patients who can't speak your language.  

Healthcare providers may personalise the measurement protocol to suit the patient and the diagnostic objective, tailoring the type of stimulus to be applied and the duration of each individual test. Once the measurements have been taken, the healthcare worker can immediately see:

  • the standard breathing-pattern indices
  • any airflow limitation using the ∆XRs®
  • the degree and heterogeneity of the pulmonary obstruction
  • the bronchial-reversibility and bronchial-challenge evaluation.

The device requires only a low level of compliance from the patient, who must simply breathe normally into the device.

As this is a stand-alone device, no external computer is needed in order to perform the test or to save and view the results.  Resmon PRO data can also be integrated into MGC Diagnostics BreezeSuite PFT software.