BELLAVISTA 1000 Mechanical Ventilator

by IMT Medical

The bellavista 1000 ICU model comprises all options and features necessary for meeting the sophisticated demands of the intensive care unit including MRI compatibility with the bellavista MR model. Combining a high performance constant speed turbine, a standard in NIV ventilators, along with an ultra-fast inspiratory proportional valve and a floating exhalation valve, found in high end critical care ventilators, the bellavista ventilator is the best of both worlds.  With a 17.3 inch Gorilla Glass or 13.3 inch colour touch display, the bellavista has an interface that anyone familiar with the use of tablets, will find intuitive.  bellavista features a 4-6 hour battery as well as optional SpO2 and EtCO2 (your choice or mainstream or sidestream). IMT Medical's 20 year history of engineering ventilator components has paid off with an ultra quiet, extended life turbine that does not require expensive preventative maintenance.  

The bellavista is a technology disrupter, that will change the way we think a ventilator should look, perform and cost to own.  Book your demo today and see the future of ventilation in Canada.  


Bellavista 1000e ICU ventilator

The E stands for everything.  The bellavista is a fully comprehensive intensive care ventilator with a large 17.3 inch Gorilla Glass touch display.  The bellavista patient range is neonate, paediatrics and adults.  Advanced modes include  (AVM) advanced adaptive ventilation modes, APRV with automated flow termination of the release, and volume targeted ventilation modes and industry leading Non-invasive Ventilation (NIV).  With the latest software release, the bellavista can deliver High Flow Oxygen Therapy (HFOT).  Advanced pulmonary diagnostics and lung recruitment tool are available as well as an auxiliary pressure port.  Ventilating neonates, paediatrics and adults, transport, critical care ventilation and NIV, the bellavista re-defines what versatility is for a mechanical ventilator.  Bellavista is truly a technology disrupter for mechanical ventilation and Respiratory Therapists.  


Bellavista 1000 niv

The bellavista has an impressive and industry leading 260 lpm peak flow with up to 120 lpm leak compensation and leak adaptation. This along with AutoSync® and AutoRise® and AutoLeak®, a superior inspiratory and expiratory synchronization, means the bellavista can be used for NIV.  The Bellavista NIV has a 13.3 inch colour touch user interface.  To complete the continuum of care, the bellavista can also be used to deliver high flow oxygen therapy.  In addition to adult NIV, the bellavista 1000 can be configured for neonatal nCPAP and nIPPV, paediatric NIV. 


bellavista NEO

Now available in an NICU pleasing purple colour and a 13.3 inch display, the bellavista NEO provides critical care ventilation to neonates with tidal volumes as low as 2 ml with volume targeted pressure ventilation.  bellavista accomplishes this with a new design for proximal flow sensors, providing accurate and reliable delivered and exhaled volumes.  bellavista NEO provide superior leak compensation and leak adaptation to ensure synchrony with the neonate, the lowest possible work of breathing while preventing auto-cycling. bellavista NEO also features nCPAP and nIPPV with the Medijet® nasal CPAP generator, with a single limb circuit.  The ultrafast proportional inspiratory valve maintains a stable CPAP level, adjusting for leaks and the patients respiratory efforts.  The Medijet utilizes a jet, modified Benveniste valve, to provide the lowest possible work of breathing that has been shown to be superior to nCPAP delivered with an exhalation valve, and quieter than nCPAP delivered by Infant Flow.  The bellavista NEO can be configured to be a stand alone nCPAP device, with leak compensation and variable flow to prevent nuisance alarms found on Infant Flow devices.   The continuum of care is complete with an infant High Flow Oxygen Therapy delivery mode that allows for heated and humidified oxygen delivery.

bellavista nCPAP

Bellavista can be configured as a dedicated infant nasal CPAP (nCPAP) device with the use of the Medijet® nasal generator and a single limb circuit.  Bellavista is capable of delivering nCPAP and nIPPV with pressures up to 30 cmH20.  The Medijet utilizes a modified Benveniste Valve principle, to provide the lowest possible work of breathing that has been shown to be superior to expiratory resistance of nCPAP delivered with an exhalation valve, and quieter than nCPAP delivered by Infant Flow.  The differentiator compared to other nCPAP devices, is bellavista's advanced flow capabilities to deliver variable flow to maintain a constant pressure, even in the presence of leaks.  With leak compensation and variable flow, nuisance alarms found on other Infant Flow devices are eliminated reducing alarm fatigue and as a result may reduce nasal septal injury.   The continuum of care is complete with infant High Flow Oxygen Therapy (HFOT) mode that allows for heated and humidified oxygen delivery.


bellavista 1000 mr

Because continuity counts.

Highly sophisticated intensive care ventilation for your patients in an MRI environment.

With the bellavista 1000 mr, you can now continue your lung-protective ventilation strategy for your patients without any limitations in an MRI environment. During the time spent in the MRI scanner additional safety is provided by the magnetic field strength indicator of the MR-Guard module. The bellavista 1000 mr can be used for universal applications ranging from neonatal to adult ventilation, regardless of whether you wish to ventilate invasively or non-invasively or whether you want to administer High Flow Oxygen Therapy.

Our high-performance turbine drive, compact design and a battery time of at least four hours give you a wide scope of action for your in-hospital transfers.


bellavista MR-Guard module

For maximum safety in the MRI environment.

The quick attachment module with 360° MR-Guard, magnetic field strength indicator and audible alarm shows you the optimal working range of the bellavista 1000 mr and alerts you as soon as the ventilator fails to keep the necessary distance from the MRI scanner.




bellavista Trolley mr

Stable support during MRI scans.

The trolley specially designed for the bellavista 1000 mr features an integrated brake function and an O2 cylinder holder, thus making work in an MRI environment even easier, safer and user-friendlier.